About Us

About Us


Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC) is the first and only national 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to provide targeted support services that educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when cancer strikes. Since our founding in 1999, MABC has mobilized men across America, including under-served populations, to be active participants in the fight against breast cancer. Our philosophy is to leverage the support of the whole family to help the patient, with special emphasis on the important role of men in caring for the women they love.

Never before has any organization taken such a unique and integrative approach through the implementation of proven programs to educate men on their important responsibilities as caregivers. To develop these tools we continue to work in partnership with a variety of groups such as internationally recognized medical experts who specialize in the psycho-social aspects of coping with cancer, leading medical facilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state and local governments, and corporate partners.


MABC Program Highlights

Partners In Survival™ Half- to full-day educational workshops that help men navigate the crisis of breast cancer utilizing MABC’s scientifically proven methods.

For The Women We Love: A Breast Cancer Caregiver’s Battle Plan and Action Guide for Men – This book, first of its kind and created by MABC, is a no-nonsense, survival guide for men that provides them with the tools to effectively COPE and support their loved ones during health crises.

National Caregiver’s Cancer Conference An innovative, annual conference pioneered by MABC that brings together men from all walks of life and from around the nation to participate in MABC’s programs.

Regional Caregiver’s Conferences A series of one-to two-day conferences that creates a support network and gives men and women strategies to sharpen their skills as caregivers with the goal of improving the patient’s and the family’s quality of life.

National Mammography Program As part of MABC’s holistic approach, this program provides access to early detection and treatment for low-income and underserved women free of charge.

“You bond on a level that is profound. You’ve shared your grief, your fear, your hopes, the problems…You solve your own particular situations by hearing the wisdom of your brothers, by learning the COPE Model, and that has made all the difference” – Ron Clark, Husband and caregiver

Quick Facts

• MABC has delivered Partners In Survival™ and its educational materials to all 50 states, as well as Canada, Italy, Spain, Kenya, and Japan, among other countries around the world.

• The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) awarded the first of its kind $1.1 million grant to expand MABC’s innovativeservices. First ever National Male Caregiver’s Conference with men empowering men to care for women with breast cancer.