Books and Printed Resources

Books and Printed Resources

Please note MABC does not endorse or receive any benefit from the organizations and/or authors below. This information is intended to be a resource of some of the available information and is not intended to replace or act as medical advice.

“Don’t Walk Through the Mirror – A male caregiver’s experiences supporting his wife through a 16-year battle with breast cancer, from first diagnosis, to recurrence, to loss, and then on to new life.”

By: Anthony J. Garbowski and Lorna J. Shaw

In addition to Tony Garbowski’s deepest feelings and experiences, this book offers practical suggestions concerning supporting your loved one through a lengthy breast cancer battle, and not only balancing work and home life but also keeping communication open with one’s children, and managing health care and finances. Enriched by co-author Lorna Shaw’s most relevant illustrations, this book also benefits greatly from her input concerning her support of several individuals and loved ones through all the stages of cancer.

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“Confronting the Cow”

By: C.B. Donner

A book dealing with a young family’s struggle with breast cancer, loss, and rebuilding. A family’s story of survival.

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“Partner’s In Hope” – A Man’s Guide To Women’s Breast Cancer

By: Bosom Buddies: Survivors Helping Survivors

This video addresses breast cancer from a male point of view. The video offers practical information to men on how to cope and support their partners.

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“Sexuality and Cancer – For The Woman Who Has Cancer and Her Partner”

By: The American Cancer Society

This booklet offers information about cancer and sexuality in the areas that most concern you and your partner.

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“Taking Time – Support For People With Cancer and The People Who Care About Them”

By: National Institutes of Health

This booklet is for the cancer patient and can help you cope with the emotional stresses of a serious illness.

For more information: call: 1-800-4-CANCER

“What’s Happening To The Woman I Love?”

By: The Susan G. Komen Foundation

This booklet is designed to provide information on how partner’s can better understand what she may be experiencing and what she may need from you.

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“What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer”

By: National Institutes of Health

This booklet is designed to help patients with breast cancer better understand this disease.

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“Your Partner has Breast Cancer: 21 Ways to Keep Sane as a Support Person on Your Journey from Victim to Survivor”

By: Ken Wachsberger

The booklet shares the authors 21 ways to keep sane as a support person.

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“Helping Your Children Cope With Your Cancer”

By: Peter Van Dernoot

This guide provides comfort and advice for families confronted with a diagnosis of cancer with real life practical advice from parents who had cancer affect their lives and how they have been able to provide love and support that their children need.

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