Partners in Survival™

Partners in Survival™

The Partners in Survival™ (Partners) program, consisting of half-to full-day educational workshops that help men navigate the crisis of breast cancer when it strikes the women they love, is the centerpiece of all Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC) programs and materials. The goal of Partners is to improve the quality of patient survivorship by teaching men proven problem solving techniques that focus on the needs of the breast cancer patient and family. Partners creates a unique, male-friendly learning environment that provides men with educational and psychosocial support programs that are practical, easy-to-understand, and based on the most current scientific research.

The program focuses on teaching men a scientifically proven problem solving method: Creativity, Optimism, Planning, and Expert information (COPE). The COPE method has been shown to increase quality of life and to decrease distress (anxiety and depression) in cancer patients and their families.

The Partners program activities concentrate on empowering men and women to get the best from each other by working together towards a common goal and solving complex and emotionally laden problems – a process called gender synergy.


Program Objectives

The Partners program accomplishes several goals:
 • Directly improve breast cancer patients’ quality of life and survival rates by educating and supporting the men in their lives.
•  Help men to be more effective caregivers through education and empowerment.
• Increase participants’ knowledge of breast cancer, treatment, available resources, and life after treatment.
• Develop support systems for men dealing with similar circumstances. &bull Provide ongoing resources and materials to participants.

“Partners in Survival™ creates a unique opportunity for women and men to identify and maximize their inherent strengths. But the real magic of the program is the active problem-solving that men and women do together to create a space where respect, honesty, communication and connection makes the work sacred.” –Matthew Loscalzo, MSW Executive Director, Department of Supportive Care Medicine,City of Hope

How To Get Started

Partners is rooted in collaboration and delivered to communities across the nation by MABC trained experts. The program can be tailored to fit the needs of any organization and community. To learn how you can make an impact in your community with a Partners in Survival™ workshop, contact Marc Heyison at 1 (866) 547-MABC (6222) or email Men Against Breast Cancer