Ways to Show Support

Ways to Show Support

Some Things A Husband or Partner In Life Can Do To Help

Please note that this is a list of some of the things that may be helpful, each family has different needs. This information is not intended to replace or act as medical advice.

  • Reassure her of your continued love
  • Gather information about treatments, doctors, and alternatives
  • Go to all medical appointments and treatments if possible
  • Keep a calendar of appointments and treatments
  • Be the “ears” and note taker during medical consultations
  • Be the advocate with the medical community
  • Provide moral support
  • Listen without judging
  • Share feelings openly
  • Give messages, hugs, and tenderness
  • Be a buffer between well meaning friends or family at difficult times
  • Handle phone calls from well wishers if requested
  • Look at her scars and feel the scar when you are both ready
  • Help her shop for a wig or prosthesis
  • Provide all the special and unique things only you can provide as her partner
  • Arrange for the household chores and upkeep to be maintained, enlist family and friends to help as needed
  • Help prepare for hospital stays by going to the library or buying special books, tapes, or special items to make her stay more comfortable

Take care of financial and insurance matters